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Bali is not just a place…it’s a feeling. With this in mind, bali bliss tries to bring the distinct Bali vibe into your home with the bali bliss homewares. A coconut bowl that reminds you of your favorite cafe in Canggu, the soap dishes that you also found in the amazing hotel you stayed at in Seminyak and of course the handwoven baskets that take you back to the streets and temples of Ubud.

In these blogs you will read about a few bali bliss items, favorited by different bloggers, and why they are so loved. Bali means something different to everyone, but on one thing we can all agree: Bali is absolutely beautiful.

About That Blonde

Mariëlle was bali bliss’ very first customer (yay!) and she happens to own the blog About That Blonde, in which she combines her love for writing, photography, beauty, good food and lifestyle. She also gives her readers an insight into her life, and how she copes with her chronic illnesses. For her column ‘Lievelings’, she wrote  a piece about and and why she loves her favorite bali bliss item: the beaded Putri basket.

putri basket bali bliss

Demi de Beer

Demi de Beer is a lifestyle blogger from the Netherlands, and she loves writing about travel, food, beauty and fashion. She has just returned from her holiday in Bali and still with Bali on her mind: she loves to surround herself with Bali vibes. In this blog, she writes about her favorite bali bliss items, and how they remind her of beautiful Bali.