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bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


With new restaurants, beach clubs and hotels popping up everyday, it’s not hard to get Bali FOMO (‘Fear Of Missing Out’). With so many great options and one Instagram picture being even more amazing than the other: where do you stay, what do you eat and what definitely not to miss? 

bali bliss follower Beatrice Bohlin is a Swedish lifestyle and fashion blogger who visited Bali for the very first time back in October of last year. As a Bali newbie, Beatrice did quite some research before she went to the beautiful island, and in her Bali diary you can get some inspiration for your very own Bali trip: where to eat, pray and…tan on the beach!



10 October 2019

Hello! Today I have been on a tour with a guide. I’ve been a real tourist!

I started the day by having breakfast at the hostel. A lot of fruit, but I also had some scrambled eggs. I have hired a guide here in Ubud who will drive me to all the places I want to visit. It’s the same driver that picked me up from the airport and took me to my hostel. Things are very cheap here in Bali and the currency includes a lot of zeros, so it’s hard sometimes to figure out what prices are in Swedish currency!

So anyway, the driver picked me up and we went to those swings you can see all over Instagram. In my opinion this was the most expensive and the most “boring” thing of all things we saw and did today. I don’t get the fun how this could be fun? But it was beautiful and I got some great pictures. After the swing we went to Tegalalang rice fields. This is kind of what Ubud is known for. This place is amazing! It’s so beautiful with all these fields and the palm trees. I don’t know what makes this place so amazing, I mean it’s just grass and palm trees! 

20 minutes later, we arrived at Paulinas Coffee plantation. This plantage is where the most expensive coffee in the world is produced. So, this coffee is made from the fecies from a civet (a small cat like animal). I know it sounds weird but the coffee was actually really nice. The name of the coffee is Luwak coffee, and I also got to try some other nice coffees. 

Afterwards, we went to the Pura Tirta Empul, which is a temple. I think it means “holy water”. A very nice place to visit! You have to wear a sarong or a dress that covers up the upper and lower body to be able to enter.

Last but not least we went to the Kanto Lampo waterfall. WOW! This place was the best of all today. So beautiful, so amazing! I couldn’t get my eyes off of it. The sound of the water and just the entire thing! It’s nice to have little walk around when you have passed the waterfall. It’s really worth it standing in line for, for a picture! There are a lot of waterfalls here in Bali, I’ll see if I have time to see some more of them. 

This has been a really really nice day. I’ll be having some dinner soon and then just have a nice and calm evening. I might have a walk in town before I leave tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll leave for at new place!


bali bliss beatrice bohlinToday’s breakfast
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
Ubud Monkey Forest

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali blog coffee plantation

Paulina’s coffee plantation. Here you could see the civets and how the coffee called Luwak coffee is made. The coffee on the right is Luwak coffee.
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlintegallalang
Rice fields!
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
The water at this temple is supposed to be so clean that you can drink it … I didn’t, but it was a cool dip!
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
Hard to get the feeling across through a picture! If you want to see more from this trip and more clips, follow me on Instagram: @beatricebohlin


16 October 2019

This day has been MAGIC!

Before I went on this trip to Bali I did a lot of research. I do have a long list of restaurants and places to visit, and today I have visited a few of them.

At the moment, I’m on a island called Nusa Lembongan. I took the boat to Nusa Penida which is the biggest island of the three islands that belong to Bali. Nusa Penida is the island where all the beaches and hills are. So I went there with a friend I met in Ubud. And we just took the scooter to explore the whole island.

We started with a 40 minutes climb down to an amazing beach; Kelingking beach. With all of this climbing…. I do think I have pretty strong legs, but this was hard and a very steep walk. You have to be careful if you’re going, but it’s so worth it! This place….WOW. It’s like all the pictures you see in a travel magazine. It’s so beautiful! The waves are totally crazy, I didn’t even go in the water ‘cause the waves were so big. We went back up again which probably took 40 minutes as well. It’s also beautiful from up there. The rock formation from above almost looks like a dinosaur.

After Kelingking beach we went to Broken Beach. It’s not actually a beach where you can swim, but it’s a beautiful place!

Again, we took the scooter to the other side of the island. We stayed there to look at Diamond beach. You’ll understand the name of this beach if you see my pictures up. The rocks are shaped like diamonds.

My legs are gonna be so sore tomorrow! I’m just gonna go to the beach tomorrow and stay there all day. This day has been amazing!

Good night!


bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
So down this rock formation is this magic beach. It has the most blue and clear water that I have ever seen,
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
Broken beach
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
Devil’s Tears
bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin
You see why this place is called diamond beach right?


17 October 2019

Hello you!

Today has been a really nice and calm day. I took the scooter to a place here on Nusa Penida with palm trees…Actually nothing special about it but it looks so nice on all the pictures I’ve seen. It took about 20 minutes to get there. I just stood there for a while just watching this nice place. I love palm trees, they’re my favorite tree. I guess it’s because we don’t have palm trees in Sweden!

After I had been standing there for a while and been asking strangers to take a photo of me I went back to my hostel and grabbed my swimsuit to get ready for the beach. By the time it was 11 am I still hadn’t had any coffee. So I had a coffee on the beach. I happened to end up at a beach club in front of the beach, where I sat for a few hours. It was exactly  what I needed today.

Around afternoon I met a girl who is also from Sweden and she’s also staying on this island. So we just went to the other side of the island together and had some dinner. Very nice!

Tomorrow I’m just gonna explore a bit more of this island and hang by the pool. Here’s some pictures from the day! x, B


bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin

Nusa Lembongan

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


20 October 2019

Good morning!

I was traveling the whole day yesterday. Although it’s just a short distance between all of the places I visited, the traffic causes some delays.

Anyway, I’m in Canggu now. This is my last stop for this trip. Canggu I would say is a little more for younger people, but I like it here! There’s a lot of surfing going on and a lot of parties, very good restaurants and coffee shops. All of the coffee shops on my to do list are here in Canggu. I’m staying at a hostel called Dreamsea Surf. It’s beautiful here! This is one of the best hostels I stayed at. I’ll show you some pictures.

There are very nice beach clubs here. You don’t have these kind of things in Sweden. I met a few girls in Nusa Penida who are here in Canggu right now as well. So we decided to go to his beach club called Finns. Wow, that was such an amazing place! It was fun and I met some really nice people there. Finns closes at 11 pm, which is quite nice in my opinion.
I mean, I’m already tired at 10!  I haven’t been partying at all during this trip, so I guess it was about time! As it happens, I was invited into the VIP area, so I had a pretty good evening yesterday.

Today, I’m just gonna hang by the pool. Have a look at the pictures! x, B

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


20 October 2019

Here are some pictures from the hostel. The courtyard is so nice here!

My room is such a mess right now, so I don’t even want to show any pictures of it! I’m borrowing a photo from the hostel’s Instagram feed instead. (I share a dorm with three other girls so that may be why it’s so messy).

But this is what it looks like and it is very nice and cozy here. Also, I feel that it’s clean and and it looks clean. They also have workouts scheduled so starting tomorrow I’ll work out too. There is yoga, boxing, HIIT, fitness and Muay Thai. It’ll be fun!

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


20 October 2019


Today I’ve been to Seminyak. It takes about 15 minutes to get there from Canggu. I went there with two other girls that I know from Sweden. First we went to a place to have our nails done. It’s not that often I’m having my nails done since I can’t because of my work. But it’s so cheap here and I had a manicure with some nail polish, and I’m happy with my nails!

After we had our nails done, we went to a coffee shop to a place called Coffee Cartel for some coffee. Coffee Cartel is a really cute place where everything is pink! I just had a little walk in town over there and then went back to my hostel.

I’m now back and I’m thinking about going to the Love Anchor market later today. It’s so nice when all the shops are still open even around 11pm. I will take some photos of the market so you’ll see what it looks like.

But here are some pictures from today! x, B

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


21 October 2019

This is the market I wrote about yesterday. The market is called Love Anchor and is located in Canggu. Here you can find everything! It’s pretty much the same everywhere but you can get things pretty cheap here. It’s everything from clothes, shoes, swimwear, jewelry, bags, spoons, bowls, trinkets, pillows and so on. The market is open all day and all evening so when it gets dark, the place is very nicely lit. 

I actually bought some things there, but still thought that I bargained for them at reasonable prices. I bought two skirts, a tube top and also two spoons with palm trees on top and a similar bottle opener. I also bought a very nice necklace with a palm, my favorite tree!

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


22 October 2019

Hey! Don’t really have much to say today.

I’ve just taken it easy by the pool, sunbathing and eating food. There are so many cafes and restaurants here, so the only thing I think of is food and where to have my next meal!

The Dreamsea Surf hostel has a gym, which is one of the reasons I chose this hotel. Yesterday there was a boxing class and a yoga class. I’m not really a yoga person … I find it to be too slow and I get bored while doing it . Boxing is more my thing!
But I had to try the yoga class here because Bali is a yogi’s Mecca! Everyone does yoga in Bali, and it is a little different to do yoga here compared to a cold room in Sweden. Nevertheless, I don’t think that I will become a yoga person anytime soon!

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlindreamseasurfbalibali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


22 October 2019


Okay….so I’m kind of sad… Tomorrow is my last day here. HOW is it possible that time has passed so fast?! It really feels like I’ve been here for a week, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been here forever because I’ve been able to do so much. It’s just crazy. I’m definitely going back again, soon I hope. But I have one day left, and I’m gonna enjoy it so much!

Today I’ve been hanging out with a girl in a place called La Bandida. We went there for dinner and had tacos, after all it is Taco Tuesday! They have super nice tacos and I love it when tacos are small so that you can try a few different ones. This was really nice!

It’s only 9 PM and I’m already tired, so I will just go to bed soon and wake up early tomorrow. Here are some pictures from today and also what the rooms here looks like at Dreamsea Surf, they’re beautiful!

Have a nice evening! x, B 

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


23 October 2019

Hi! Today I actually have been surfing! I haven’t surfed during my entire trip, even though Bali really is a good place for surfing and especially here in Canggu, where I am right now.
So I guess it was finally time!

So I went for some surfing before lunch, and I did pretty good.  I can’t say I surfed on any big waves. But it was fun anyway! I’ve been to Portugal for a surfing trip a few years ago, so I remember the basics. I’m happy I went surfing at Batu Bolong beach!

After surfing I went to a place called Crate Cafe and had some lunch with a girl from the hostel. I got the biggest salad ever, but it was so nice! We ordered an iced latte as well.

Later that afternoon I went to a really cool place called La Brisa. It’s a beach club but also a place where you can just hang and watch the sunset and eat some food, which is what I did. I just sat there, listening to a podcast, watched the sunset and had an Espresso Martini. If you are ever in Canggu, you have to visit this place! It’s so beautiful.

I got a recommendation for a Vietnamese restaurant named Leroy’s, so I went there for dinner and enjoyed the evening. Really, really nice food!

I’m happy and so full! x,B

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog surf

Surf and coconut in the morning

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin

Lunch at Crate cafe

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin

La Brisa! It’s the nicest place I have ever been to!

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin

Dinner at Leroys. A bowl with vegetables and springrolls!


24 October 2019

Hello everyone! This morning I woke up at 5am today…. I’m getting up earlier and earlier over here. 

But I wanted to see the sunrise today so I guess it was good that I woke up early. I had a walk at the beach and watched the sunrise. I walked along the beach for a while and enjoyed this beautiful place. To me, the sunrise is almost as good as the sunset.

After my walk on the beach I went back to the hostel and had some breakfast. Today was pancake day: wow, those banana pancakes were amazing! I’ve been waiting the whole week for this. They have so many nice breakfast spots here in Canggu so I kind of made a schedule of when I should eat what.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to do that much more today. I’ve just been by the pool. It’s quite nice; those days where you can just chill and when you have nothing special planned. This hostel I’ve been staying at here in Canggu, Dreamsea Surf, also has a few other locations around the world. I know they have one more here in Bali, one in Sri Lanka and one in Portugal. They also have those packages where you can book a whole week where the rooms, food, and some yoga or surfing classes are included. I need to try that next time ‘cause I really like this concept!

Hugs for you all! 

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlinbali bliss blog beatrice bohlin

Such a cozy morning and it is so nice and light outside when the sun rises. The moon was tiny today. Do you see it at the top of the picture above?

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin

As soon as you walk outside, you will find many great coffee shops. The only thing you have to do here is to eat and drink coffee!

bali bliss blog beatrice bohlin


26 October 2019

Hey hey hey! I’m in Sweden again … so um … did I have to come home to this weather? It’s not because I expected anything else, but it’s kind of worse than I had imagined. It’s raining, it’s cold it’s dark … I’m already kind of depressed, haha! I came home yesterday and have just unpacked all my clothes and did some washing. Not so jetlagged because I flew all night and came home at 7 in the morning Swedish time.

This trip has been absolutely amazing. I can hardly explain and barely show it through pictures either, it’s just not possible to explain if you’re not there. But I loved just EVERYTHING. Nature, the food, the people, the beaches, the smells, the sounds, the sunsets and the sunrises. I will go on a trip to Bali again and it hopefully will be in the near future. Maybe or maybe not the exact same trip. I don’t want my adventures in Bali to end! But now I’m home again and a new journey begins.

Hope you’re all doing well and that you will continue to follow my journey on my blog! x, B



Photography by Beatrice Bohlin

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