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With an immense sense of wanderlust, an ever-curious mind and a need for adventure, it was inevitable to go on a life-changing journey across to the other side of the world. And where better to begin than the beautiful country of my roots: Indonesia.

After hopping from island to island, I decided to stay a little while longer on the island that had my heart from the moment I stepped foot on its soil; Bali.

With it’s myriad of beautiful Hindu temples, it’s gorgeous beaches and it’s amazing people, I was desperate to hold on to everything Bali had to offer and the way it made me feel.

Bali has stayed with me, not just in my heart, but also in my home. Back home in Amsterdam, I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. Everyone who has fallen in love with this beautiful island, everyone who dreams of going and everyone who longs to keep their memories of Bali alive. This is why I’ve created bali bliss, so that you can bring a piece of Bali back home.