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With a deep and enduring love for Bali, the many beautiful moments it has provided during each visit, it is only natural that bali bliss returns this love to the island and it’s people.
The BaliLife Foundation is a small charity with a big heart. They strive to provide love and care to those in Bali who are disillusioned and disadvantaged, with the aim of giving them hope, dignity and purpose.

They do this by running various projects, such as a the Street Center and Women’s Workshop. The center in Denpasar serves street children and their families who would usually be begging on the streets. It has two main programs; the Street Kids Informal School and the Bali Life Women’s Workshops for the mothers. The children come in on Monday to Friday from 9am and the BaliLife Foundation provides them with breakfast, lunch, learning opportunities and games, they then return home before 5pm.
The center also has the Women’s Workshop for the mothers of the children. In order to get children off of the streets it is vital for them to still be able to earn a wage. The Women’s Workshop is a place the women can come and make handicrafts and jewelry and in turn the mothers are paid a wage. Many of these handicrafts are being sold all over the world. Every day a woman can work is a day her children don’t have to go beg on the streets.
bali bliss is happy to have a collaboration with the BaliLife Foundation; to support the children as well as their mothers. For this collaboration, the mothers of the Women’s Workshop have made an effort to make beautiful cushion covers, made from fabric with a traditional Balinese pattern. The mothers have earned a wage for making these covers, and all proceeds will go directly to them and their children.

If you would like to volunteer, make a donation or become a sponsor, visit or follow them on @balilifefoundation on Instagram.